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Rajvinder Singh Gill

Rajvinder Singh Gill is a psychologist who trained in the UK. He worked with children with special needs and learning disabilities. He undertook further studies to complement his professional development by doing courses in mental health, Group Analysis and therapy by studying at Tavi stock Institute in London and the Group Analysis Institute in London. He provided therapy for children and families and later on specialized in providing therapy for individuals with learning disabilities and Autism. Rajvinder Singh undertook to complete the Master’s in Systemic Leadership and OD. He has provided training to teams as well as facilitated reflective practice using concepts from Social Constructionism and Psychoanalytic thinking. He is a versatile and eclectic psychologist and therapist who utilizes the diversity of theoretical approaches to provide personalized and focused therapeutic input to individuals, families and groups. Rajvinder Singh has a strong base in Attachment Theory, Sikh Spiritual philosophy, Intergenerational approaches to trauma, Child and adolescent development, Shifting narratives of adult identity, Narrative and Attachment therapy as well as Solution Focused Brief Therapy. Rajvinder Singh also provides coaching for individuals and teams as well as consultation to teams on organizational development. He brings a natural curiosity, and enquiry to his work with others. He has great respect for transparency in therapy and is excellent at sharing ideas and thoughts with participants. Rajvinder Singh is an excellent communicator of ideas and approaches with clients. The emphasis is on empowering the person to gain ownership of the solution to resolve the conflict or concern. He has an excellent understanding of interpersonal relationships and boundaries of therapeutic relationships. He works from the premise that we as individuals and groups have the best intentions about the situations that we encounter in life; however, our resources can be limited and lead us to pay attention to those aspects that evoke the strongest emotional and behavioral responses within us. These often lead our actions to be contrary to our intentions. This gives rise to internal conflict which in turn leads to our state of mind being in turmoil. He strongly believes that if we can learn and train ourselves to pay attention to those things that are helpful in our relationships the problems will dissolve and be surmountable.

Bhai Guljar Singh MA, CCAC

Bhai Guljar Singh completed his counselling studies (addiction) from McMaster University and is now a certified counsellor with the Canadian Addiction Counsellors Certification Federation (CACCF). He has spent over 13 years to provide guidance, education and counselling people from different path of their lives. He has been involved with CAMH as a Spiritual Associate on a voluntary basis where he devotes his time to individuals to engage in mindfulness. He has also been involved with Federal Correctional Institutes as a Chaplain and provides Spiritual counselling since over last 10 years. He provides spiritual guidance to get individuals back on the the right track once they finish serving their time. Bhai Sahib has been involved in Gurmat Parchar since 2001 and has travelled to many countries sharing Guru’s wisdom. He is motivated in ensuring that the message of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib reaches every Sikh home in every corner of the world. Bhai Sahib firmly believes that, when put into practice, the Sri Guru Granth Sahib is indeed the answer to the personal, social and political issues which materialize through the course of our lives. Bhai Sahib places continual emphasis in his katha on the need for Sikhs to indeterminately practice the invaluable life lessons that the Sri Guru Granth Sahib preaches, and Bhai Guljar Singh’s own life strongly reflects this emphasis.

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